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    AIM for product quality and dependability

    At AIM, it all starts with a commitment to R&D for advanced product formulations and ongoing quality.


    The Choice for Environmental Building Projects

    Some of the most world’s most sustainable brands have chosen AIM roofing products for energy-savings and compliance with green standards.


    Cool Roofing Products in Heat Extremes

    AIM’s “cool roof” systems have allowed customers in the Southeastern U.S. to reduce energy costs by as much as 30%.

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    Optimized for Every
    North American Region

    While many other national brands use a generic “one-product-fits-all-geographies” formula, AIM products have been custom developed for distinct regions of North America.

    Large Projects Trust AIM products

    From Boeing to Lockheed Martin to U.S. government some of the nation’s largest organizations have used AIM products in buildings. Contact your representative here.

    Connect With AIM

    Please complete the following to have an AIM representative contact you.

    Send me email updates about AIM products & services.

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