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Our Company

AIM is the consolidation of seven regional manufacturing companies and an industry executive to create a national platform company. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, AIM has twenty-three manufacturing plants as well as warehouse locations strategically located throughout the United States – producing over 500 products sold through various channels in the building materials market. Our brands include:

•    Aluminum Coatings Manufacturers, Inc.
•    Asphalt Products
•    R.M. Lucas Company
•    Western Colloid
•    Southwestern Petroleum Corp.
•    Russell Standard
•    GemSeal Pavement Products

While continuing the rich history of the regional brands, some dating back to the early 1900’s, AIM has also launched a national brand of reflective coatings, mastics, driveway maintenance products, caulks, sealants, adhesives, air barriers, modified bitumen membranes, and specialty products. In addition to marketing its AIM and Protector brands, the company has strategic private label customers including both national and global companies in the building materials segment.

AIM’s Unique Business Model

Unique in the building materials industry, AIM’s business model unites all the company on a national platform, thus connecting the company's manufacturing and distribution locations, The AIM model generates synergy and economies of scale across competitive dimensions of the Building Products market, such as: manufacturing capacity, raw materials sourcing, and distribution. We stand apart as being one of the few manufacturers able to deliver American-made goods to suppliers and end-users who insist upon cutting edge products at a competitive price from a reliable single source.

AIM Channels

AIM can be adaptable to unique customer requirements and go-to-market strategies. AIM is positioned to sell through multiple channels such as: Roofing Distribution; Two-Step Distribution; Big-Box Retail; Specialty Retail; and OEM. Whatever your channel requirements, contact AIM for tailored support.