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    Frequently Asked Questions

    General FAQs

    Who Is AIM?

    AIM is the consolidation of eight regional manufacturing companies and an industry executive to create a national platform company. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, AIM has nine manufacturing plants as well as warehouse locations strategically located throughout the United States -- producing over 500 products sold through various channels in the building materials market.

    AIM is a stand-alone company formed to create scale and synergy in many areas of its business including all aspects of supply chain, sales, marketing, technology, HR, administration , IT and operational costs. AIM will grow its business by leveraging nine manufacturing locations to sell national and regional accounts in various channels. AIM has national brands and is also able to support select private label customers.

    Who are the Owners of AIM?

    The AIM ownership includes:

    • Andy Hastings / Managing Partner & CEO
    • Aluminum Coatings Manufacturers, Inc.
    • Asphalt Products
    • R.M. Lucas Company
    • U.S. Ply, Inc.
    • Western Colloid

    Is AIM a Potential Private Label Partner?

    AIM currently manufactures private label products for some of the largest companies in the building materials industry. We can provide existing AIM formulations, or we can manufacture products formulated to your unique needs and specifications. AIM can easily service North America through its manufacturing capacity. AIM plants are electronically networked to support all aspects of customer orders and fulfillment, thus making AIM an ideal private label partner - where the core values of AIM and its potential private label partner are synergistic.

    What Are Some  Reasons / Advantages of Doing Business with AIM?

    Ten initial factors that support doing business with AIM are:

    1. We Are An Established Manufacturing Company

    With many of our plants having started in the early 1900s, our principals share over three and one-half centuries of American building product knowledge.

    2. An Immense Building Products Portfolio

    Producing over 500 products in the building materials sector, from rooftop to pavement, we’re your one-stop shop to accessing your needs for the largest of construction and maintenance projects.

    3. Innovative Energy-Conscious Products

    Energy use in commercial buildings and manufacturing plants accounts for nearly half of all energy consumption in the U.S. at a cost of over $200 billion per year. This is more than any other sector of the economy. To help meet your strategic energy management needs, AIM supports over 30 Energy Star products, many of them developed based on AIM’s own unique patented formulas. On the innovation front, we are known for our technologically advanced polymer based sealants, adhesives and reflective elastomeric coatings. In fact, one of our regional manufacturers is known as the roofing industry leader in fluid applied roofing, reflective coating systems and premium asphalt sealants.

    4. AIM Has Surge-Capacity Production Capability

    Our multiple production facilities, including redundant manufacturing capability, mean we can confidently meet the needs of the largest, most demanding construction, or maintenance projects. – as well as retail demands - particularly those which cross state lines.

    5. National Service Capability With Local Attention

    AIM has nine manufacturing plants and warehouses strategically located though out the U.S. AIM’s centralized Customer Service and Technical Service departments provide a single point of contact. However, if your preference is to enjoy regional relationships and services, then we are prepared to accommodate you.

    6. Streamlined Product Ordering & Shipment

    As we support multiple categories of products, many diverse product types for your project can be cost-effectively combined in the same shipment.

    7. Highly Competitive Product Pricing

    The economy of scale from combining seven manufacturing companies under one entity means we can pass through our cost savings for both purchases of raw materials as well as professional services to our customers.

    8. A World Class Information Technology Platform.

    Our company resides on a single advanced IT platform. This allows us to service shipments of multiple products from multiple plants all on the same order.

    9. American Made, Family Owned

    Not only are all AIM products produced in the United States, the company is 100% American owned by longstanding family-owned businesses.

    10. A Solid Financial Record

    There’s no ownership by private equity investors and we’re proud to say the company has zero debt obligations. Your long-term projects can progress with confidence, knowing that working with AIM, we’ll be around for the long haul.